A Clerk of the Works bridges the relationship between owner, designer, contractors, and product representatives to effectively communicate the owner’s desires to the project team.

Serving as the project owner’s eyes and ears, we work to ensure that the project meets specifications, stays on budget, and obtains maximize value.

Our role on a project is modeled after 13th century Great Britain where experienced tradesmen having the knowledge and understanding of the building process were employed by the architect on behalf of the project owner, or by local authorities to oversee public works projects. This role was coined, “Clerk of Works” and is commonly used today in Great Britain and the Northeastern United States.

Our team is comprised of individuals from various trades with hands-on experience in construction, engineering, facility maintenance, HVAC, plumbing, and code enforcement. We apply our in-depth knowledge of these fields to offer an independent and impartial perspective and to recognize issues early and to mitigate them.


We are a true owner’s representative

  • Maximize value for money

  • Provide an experienced, impartial, and independent perspective

  • Enforce project team accountability

  • Minimize project risks through thoughtful project design and material selection

  • Reduce project delays by promoting right first-time initiatives to avoid rework and double handling

  • Reinforce project transparency by concise project reporting

  • Ensure project conformance to applicable building requirements and regulations

  • Protect tax payers’ investment meticulous on-site inspection of materials and workmanship

  • Emphasize a safe construction environment

  • Accurately communicate owner’s desires to designers and contractors

  • Coordinate construction work in a way that minimizes impact to an occupied learning environment

  • Complete project closeout with operating manuals, warranty information, rebate incentive opportunities, owner training, and occupancy

A Clerk of the Works should look out for the interests of the client, and Stenftenagel Group does that. They work well with the contractors – but never forget whose interests they’re supporting.
— Dr. Brian Harmon, Superintendent, North Gibson School Corp., Princeton, IN